How BR1M can help local Malaysians better than blanket subsidies

Malaysia People’s Aid which was started last year in response to the reduction in fuel prices as proposed by the opposition.

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak reasoned that fuel prices reduction was a blanket subsidy that affected the government, unlike brim hasil which targets only the local Malaysians and cannot be enjoyed by foreigners. She explained “ when you compare both schemes, the lower fuel prices can be enjoyed by the rich, tourists, illegal immigrants and migrant workers. But kemaskini br1m 2016 is exclusively available only to low income households and that should be encouraged.”

This drew a strong round of applause from the 5000 strong crowd gathered at Dataran Pekan Bagan Serai for the Prime Minister’s visit here. The PM was accompanied by 1000 motorbikes flying the flag of BN to the scene, said that this Malaysian aid will have a multiplier effect that will benefit all local businesses and ultimately result in a strong backbone economy for the country. The BN chairman added that the government’s ability to manage the economy well has won them praise for the International Monetary Fund that put the country’s progress financially as “Beyond Expectations”.

They went on further to say that if the opposition plans to implement their scheme of reducing oil prices within the country, the economy would take a big hit and this was not a favorable consequence the government was willing to accept.

There are several brim 2016 updates that are coming in 2016 which the people can look forward to for better services and amenities provided to them for people of all ages.

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